fc bunnyears contest

WIN BIG! enter famous chihuahua’s “bunny ears” picture contest on facebook!

this contest is closed


here’s how to enter this fabulous easter contest:

first.  dress your chihuahua up in bunny ears and take their picture!

second.  click here to visit the famous chihuahua store and pick ANY item you want!

famous chihuahua store

third.  click here to visit the famous chihuahua facebook page and post your “bunny ears” picture on it.  write with it the name of the item you wantdon’t forget this!

famous chihuahua facebook page

the staff at famous chihuahua will review all the chihuahua “bunny ears” pictures on our facebook page and on easter sunday, they will announce the winner!  the winner will win the item they selected at the famous chihuahua store and an authentic famous chihuahua® dog t shirt!

that’s it!  you’re done!

how cool is this!

chihuahua clothes sale


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