ruby the chihuahua
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a letter from ruby the chihuahua

forever famous ruby the chihuahua
introducing lil' miss forever famous, ruby the chihuahua!

“hello famous chihuahua!”

“i am little miss ruby with an attitude! don’t get me wrong i am a sweet girl who loves to share kisses, but there is only so much of me to go around so i keep my ‘kiss list’ pretty short. anyone with facial hair is not on my list … it’s way too prickly for my tiny face!”

“my day consists of going to work with my mommy, sometimes I’d rather stay in bed all day, but then she reminds me that i am the official meeter and and greeter and i’ve got a job to do (although I really just sleep most of the day…shhhh… don’t tell my mom).”

“i’ve got this awesome bed (its really meant for a ferret, but since I’m so tiny it fits me perfect). it sits on top of mom’s desk right in between her and the keyboard. it’s way warmer up there then on the floor. zzzz… i’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.”

“i save most of my energy for when we get home at night. i’ve got my parents pretty trained, and all i have to do is throw my toy and let out a couple little barks and they just come right over and play with me, its great! i swear my mom can read me like a book, if I’m thirsty i mumble under my breath and if i’m hungry i sniff and lick my lips a couple times and she gets me whatever i need (well… within reason).”

“if i was a few pounds heavier (i only weigh a little over 2 lbs) i would have made a great mom. i’ve got this little stuffed elephant named baby and i carry her all over. baby is on my ‘kiss list’, but i don’t understand why she doesn’t kiss me back, tough love i guess! when we get sleepy i bring her into my little pink princess house with me so we can get our beauty rest. i tunnel way under my blankies and try my hardest to get baby under there with me too.”

“as far as fashion goes, i consider myself a diva! i have met lots great people on ebay who make custom clothing for me. my clothes keep me fashionable and warm and being from maine it gets pretty stinkin’ cold up here, so i have a lot of jackets.”

“yawn … i am getting pretty tired so i think Its time to say goodbye to all my fans. lots of love to you all”


forever famous ruby

little ruby’s mom aimee larock tells us that even though ruby is tiny, she has the heart, strength, and will power of something much bigger. at the young age of 6 months, this little superstar went thru a traumatic experience leaving her paralyzed in both rear legs. ruby is now almost a year old and has come along way. from dragging her legs to now being able to stand, take actual steps and make her way across a room. despite her handicap, little ruby is a happy and healthy chihuahua!


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