baby rambo the chihuahua

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hola amigos! i am rambo the chihuahua!

"hola amigos! i am rambo the chihuahua!" woof!

“i am 3 months old and live with my mommy and daddy in monterrey, mexico.”

baby rambo loves to take naps and sleeps in between the sheets and pillows of mommy and daddy’s bed. in the day, he plays with his toys and bites at daddy’s fingers and toes at any chance he can get.

little rambo goes everywhere mommy. he especially loves to visit grandma’s because she has a huge backyard with a big lawn to play in. he runs around in the grass-like jungle, just like the real rambo does in the movies.

rambo the chihuahua dressed as rambo for halloween

baby rambo in his "rambo" halloween costume!

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