bandit the chihuahua

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bandit the chihuahua

bandit sleeping peacefully, sweet dreams lil' guy

“hello world, i am a bandit the chihuahua! i live in northeast ohio, where it’s freezing right now and my mommy brandy says i am the perfect little boy!”

“i sleep with her and my daddy at night, and of course, i must have my own pillow and baby blanket. i love to cuddle, play with my toys and have mommy chase me. i’m simply just perfect … like all chihuahua’s!”

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  1. Anthony

    Your Bandit looks so much like my Bandit. He is beautiful. We are in New York and my Bandit is a rescue who has gone on to become a pretty famous celebrity pup. He loves to dress and is my muse. We have competed and won just about everything we’ve entered. My Bandit has been Michael Jackson and Elvis doppleganger and has been published and featured in News papers all over the world. We’ve traveled extensively to. He’s been to Paris, France- Koln, Germany- Brussells, Belgium and Amsterdam, Nl as well s Vegas Puerto Rico among other places. He travels well so my advice to you is to teach your Bandit as much as possible and then some because they love to learn and love the attention. Check out my Bandit by typing Bandit Rubio at google to get directed to all his news and to visit his flicker page and see the resemblance. Good luck and love that little guy to death….

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