brooklyn the chihuahua

brooklyn the chihuahua

brooklyn takes in the fresh air while running in the park

“hello world, i am brooklyn the chihuahua and i live with my mommy olivia o’conner in the united states!”

brooklyn’s mommy tells us that brooklyn deserves to be famous for a day because he is a very lovable and energetic chihuahua. he loves to run around in the grass and his upbeat personality makes him unique. he is very healthy and is always happy to see her. she simply couldn’t have asked for a more lovable chihuahua.

like most dogs, little brooklyn loves to chase his tail. he shows his attitude and sometimes gets into mischief. if you give him a stuffed animal, he will not give it love and care! instead he will put it in his mouth and try to tear it apart while snarling.

brooklyn’s mommy has been asked on several occasions if little brooklyn was a greyhound … the answer to that is 100% chihuahua!

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