cali famous chihuahua

meet “peek-a-boo” cali, the tiny chihuahua puppy a big dog attitude! … grrr!

white chihuahua puppy

“peek a boo!”

“hi, my name is cali.  that’s my name because my newlywed owners wish to pack us up and move to california from virginia beach.  i love attention!  when i’m not getting attention i’m fussing for it.  my family calls me a drama queen, but let’s just say you become who raised you … wink, wink 😉

i enjoy lying in front of the heater until my belly is nice and warm and even though i might only be 2 lbs, i’m not afraid to confront any dog that crosses my path!  grrr.  i also love daddy’s shoes.  they’re bigger than me, but that doesn’t stop me from carrying them all over the house with my tiny teeth!

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