cheech cbs chihauhua

cheech, the pga golf chihuahua continues to “putt” his way to super stardom!

golf chihuahua

“cheech on cbs barclay’s 2015 pga tour fedexcup broadcast!”

he’s making waves again folks!  cheech the celebrity golf chihuahua was featured on cbs barclay’s fedexcup broadcast!  his adorable face was used to cut away to commercial several times.  broadcasters jim nantz and nick faldo commented that his shades may be prescription sun glasses…

funny-dog-shirts and hoodies

check it out!  cheech with celebrity gold pros!  super pup!

jordan spieth

“cheech with masters champion, jordan spieth!”

cheech is a famous 8 year old rescue chihuahua from sea girt, new jersey that was trained to be a therapy dog.  as a golf pup, his rise to fame came by making regular appearances on the PGA and LPGA golf tours and on the golf channel.  way to “putt” your way to stardom cheech!

lee westwood chihuahua

“cheech with celebrity golfer, lee westwood!”

cheech also likes to surf, but his biggest contribution is spending time with children receiving chemotherapy treatment in hospitals on the east coast.  the world loves you cheech!

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