a letter from chica the chihuahua’s mommy

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chica the chihuahua

chica shows off her new pink jacket her uncle richard bought her

hello famous chihuahua,

this is my little girl, chica the chihuahua. she is 4 years and we live in south carolina. chica wakes up in the morning and comes out from underneath the covers ready to give me her sweet love. after she is done giving out kisses, she jumps down and turns circles till i get out of the bed to take her out.

chica also loves going over to grandpa harold’s house to see her sister baby. thank you for making my sweet chica famous for a day.


sonya … chica’s mommy

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  1. Aunt Angel

    This is Chica’s Aunt Angel…Wanting everyone to know how sweet this little girl is! I babysit when Mommy has to go out of town.

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