meet coco chanel, the famous chihuahua fashionista from manila, philippines!

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coco chanel famous celebrity chihuahua

“look daddy, i’m a famous chihuahua!”

coco chanel is one of the most popular fashionista chihuahuas in the philippines.  since 3 months of age, she has been winning dog fashion shows and has bagged 6 grand prize winners awards from all over the country.  coco is a camera favorite and people love to take selfies with her.

chihuahua fashion awards

here are some remarkable photos of coco taken by award winning photographer, erich caparas.

chihuahua fashionista phillipines

coco chanel showcases a gorgeous chihuahua dress designed by coco’s daddy, adrian stephen cabuhat, and local clothing designer, roberth gallardo.

chihuahua fashionista

coco chanel is also a top-rated tv pet celebrity in the philippines and has been featured in on tv shows such as rated k and tv patrol.  keep an eye out for this little diva, she’s a pet star in the making!

congratulations adrian, coco chanel is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua!

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