chingy bubbles

meet chingy bubbles, sharon pipkin’s precious little miracle chihuahua

cute teacup tan chihuahua

“look grandma, i’m famous!”

here is chingy bubbles heart-warming story …

“chingy bubbles is my name. i am five years old and weigh 4 lbs. i live in Salt Lake City with my Grandma Sharon Pipkin and my two feline sisters, Peekaboo and Bella. I came to live with Grandma Pipkin in July of 2013 because my mom died in June 2013. She was my Grandma’s youngest daughter and Grandma bought me for her five years ago because my mom got real sick and grandma wanted me to live with Mom to bring joy to her life.

My mom was only 36 when she died and she never got married or had children so she considered me her baby. She took me everywhere and when my Mom died, Grandma got real sad so I came to live with her to make her happy again. I now go just about everywhere with Grandma except to work. My two sister cats keep me company and grandma tells me all the time that I am such a good little dog because i listen to her, I don’t bark at people or bite. Everyone I come in contact with just loves me (just like they did my mommy).

Me and Grandma like to play with my favorite toy. She throws it and I run and get it and bring it back to her and then she throws it again. Humans are very strange, but I love my Grandma very much and she loves me. at night I cuddle up with her in bed along with my sister cat Bella. We all feel very loved and safe with Grandma. She literally has us eating off her plate. (not really but just about) That is how much she spoils us.

We went to see a movie the other night and I barked at the lamb and dog that was in the movie, so grandma had to rush out of the movie theater with me where we lounged out in the foyer until Grandma’s friend finished the movie. I think I’m the cutest and nicest Chihuahua in the whole world because I love everyone and lick their faces when they hold me.

Thank you grandma for taking me when mommy died, i miss her very much and love you dearly.

forever your little man,

your sweet chingy bubbles, “aka” your now famous chihuahua!”

our hearts goes out to you sharon pipkin, from the staff at famous chihuahua®

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