chihuahua tattoo! meet little chiquita, isn’t she just a cutey patooty?

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chiquita the cutey patooty chihuahua!

dear famous chihuahua®,

my name is traci xurvein and this is my beautiful chihuahua chiquita. we live in minnesota and have two other dogs, but she is my baby. i love her so much that i had her picture tattooed on my back about 2 years ago. brandon heffron of beloved studios was the tattoo artist. my chihauhua tattoo also made it in a tattoo magazine called “skin art” issue #132.

chiquita will be five years old this summer and first came into my life as a puppy when she was just eight weeks old. she was such a little cutey patooty!

chiquita the chihuahua tattoo!

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  1. Kristy Leemasters

    My dog chico is in love with your dog. i was looking to get a special tattoo of him on me somewhere, and i saw this picture and he was laying on my computer desk as i pulled it up. i swear his eyes turned into hearts like the old cartoons, it was priceless, but she is pretty.

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