chloe list sitting

meet chloe, franzisca’s feisty lil’ famous chihuahua from chicago, illinois!

short haired chocolate color chihuahua

“look mama, i’m famous!”

dear famous chihuahua®,

my name is franzisca and this is chloe.  she is a 2 1/2 year old short-haired chihuahua-mix.  we got her in hawaii, but we now live in northern chicago, illinois.  chloe is special to me because it was love at first sight when i saw her.  my husband didn’t even want a small dog, but then she started pulling on his pant leg and her feistiness won him over.  she was so tiny then that she fit into the palm of my hand, but even as an adult, her loving and feisty character remains.

chihuahua modeling clothes

chloe was inspirational to me as she motivated me to put my dreams in motion and become a dog obedience trainer.  i achieved my goal and today i take great satisfaction in saving other dogs lives.  i absolutely love my job.  she also motivated me to go into agility training and now she’s on her way to getting her first title.

in addition, i discovered another passion of mine, sewing!  i started my own little online business in which i dedicated to her.  it’s called, something special – chloe’s cute knits.  i offer customized clothes and accessories for dogs as you see chloe modeling in her pictures.  you can find us on facebook at

chihuahua in cute outfit

chloe has shown me the world from a different perspective.  she never showed fear and went for new adventures that were offered to her, i admire that.  she lives with 3 other dogs that are much larger than her and she is holds her own like a rock.  her fun and mellow character allows her to adapt to her environment.  she will always be close to my heart and a dear treasure in my life.

congratulations franzisca, your sweet chloe is now a famous chihuahua!

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