chloe chihuahua swim

chloe, the adorable chihuahua from italy! “ciò che un chihuahua carino!”

chihuahua party hat

“let’s pawty!”

chloe is the adorable little cucciolo (puppy) of yamile tello and they live in la spezia, italy!  chloe turned 1 on october 15, so let’s wish her a happy birthday in italian!  “buon compleanno chloe!”

apple head chihuahua

“look mama, i’m famous!”

when yamile comes home, chloe is always happy to see her and celebrates by giving her lots of kisses!  she also loves to cuddle in the blankets and is very obedient.  the house stays clean and tidy because chloe listens so well and never makes a mess.

applehead chihuahua

“i love to cuddle!”

ever since chloe was a baby, she barks and guards the hallways of the house when she hears a noise.  she now wears a little bell on her neck so that mommy always knows where she is when she hears something early in the morning and gets up to troll the hallway.

swimming chihuahua

“i’m swimming!”

chloe loves the beach.  she enjoys making holes in the sand and swimming in the sea… “come una brava ragazza!”  congratulations yamile, your sweet chloe is now a famous chihuahua!

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