chooch the chihuahua

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chooch the chihuahua sits pretty for a snap shot!

“hello world, i am chooch the chihuahua! i live with my mommy allison blau who rescued me in new jersey! thank you mommy for rescuing me and giving me a wonderful life!”

when little chooch was first rescued, she was shy about being picked up, but it turned out that she had injured ribs. thanks to the vet, little chooch is is now injury free and practically jumps into mommy’s arms when she goes to pick her her up.

chooch’s tongue hangs out of her mouth because she had to have several rotten teeth removed when she was first rescued, but her mommy tells us it makes her that much cuter. little chooch is also a snoring chihuahua and barks when her sibling kitty cats try to jump up on the bed. it’s her way or no way!

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Comments 2

  1. Frank

    Hey Chooch lookin good (picture with your tounge haggin out would have been much cuter). Your sister the geco says hi.
    Oh & by the way Remy told me she is jelous(she didn’t get pics on the web!).

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