coco the chihuahua
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coco, the chihuahua puppy living the pampered life

coco, the pampered chihuahua puppy

dear famous chihuahua®,

this is coco the chihuahua. she is 6 1/2 months old and was the second chihuahua puppy born in our first litter of female chihuahuas.

coco likes to eat her special “doggie omelets” that we cook for her and she really enjoys strawberry and blueberry muffins. her favorite dog toy is any sock she can find. she also knows how to open up cabinet doors and drag out all the bowls and dishes in the cabinets.

coco is definitely a momma’s girl and goes every where mommy goes. she has to be curled up with momma in order for her to fall asleep and she loves to sit on mommy’s lap when she is on the computer. my little coco is so spoiled that she has no clue what a dog’s life is really like.

find coco on twitter at @the_coco2 or on her myspace page at

many thanks,

tammi collins of somerville, al

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