cocochanel famous chihuahua

meet coco chanel, a fun and loving rescue chihuahua with a lotta spunk!

chihuahua hiding

“look at me mommy, i’m famous! … peek-a-boo!”

also known as ‘brain’, this adorable little chihuahua was rescued from a neglected home and now lives happily with her mommy kristi pardo in saint augustine, florida.

there’s never a dull moment with coco!  coco is approximately 2 years old, weighs 3 lbs, loves car rides, bike rides, going to the beach, chasing her tail and snuggling.  when she’s scared, she makes this funny move her mommy likes to call “the ostrich”, where she hides her head but not her body.  it’s hilarious.  she’s also snorts and makes her “piggy noises” a lot!

congratulations kristi, your mischievous little coco is now a famous chihuahua!

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