cooper famous chihuahua

meet cooper, a special chihuahua whose destiny was to become famous!

cute chihuahua in sweater

“look mommy, i’m famous!”

this is cooper.  he’s the six year old chihuahua of debby martin from conway, arkansas.  cooper is special because when she first got him, he had a very serious stomach virus where she had to nurse him back to health.  the love and nurturing they shared bonded them for eternity.

cooper goes  everywhere with debby and since she runs her own company, she can takes him to work.  cooper loves payday because the staff at the banks they go to spoil him with treats!

on occasion cooper gets spells where his blood sugar levels drop.  debby found that pancake syrup brings him back to normalcy!  he also has a skin condition that flairs up every now and then, so she uses prescription shampoo for his baths.

some might say that cooper requires a lot of maintenance, but in debby’s eyes it makes him more special because their love for each other is unconditional.

congratulations debby, your little boy cooper is now a famous chihuahua!

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