meet crystal queen, an adorable chihuahua puppy from perth, australia!

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shush, our little queen is sleeping

“shush y’all, a baby angel is fast asleep ….”
famous chihuahua is happy to introduce this lil’ darlin’ chihuahua puppy into the world.

look mommy, i'm famous!

“look mommy, i’m famous!”
at only 17 weeks, our little crystal queen has a lot to look forward to!

look at me, i'm a model!

“look mom, i’m destined to be a model! look at me modeling a gorgeous dog necklace!

let's snuggle mummy!

“it’s bedtime mummy, let’s snuggle! ”

a big congratulations goes out to kayla stackhouse, the new mommy of our latest famous chihuahua, crystal queen! isn’t she just precious!

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