denver broncos chihuahua
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denver broncos chihuahua

artie the chihuahua sporting his denver broncos jersey .. go broncos!
artie the chihuahua sporting his denver broncos jersey! grrrrr ..

“hello amigos! i am artie the chihuahua and i live happily with my maw maw and paw paw in arkansas. i deserve to be famous for a day because i make the world a better place to live in! … or at least that’s what mommy says …”

artie’s mommy stephanie tells us that she and her husband feel blessed to have little artie and that he is wonderful addition to the entire family.

little artie recently celebrated his first birthday on june 15 with a mexican fiesta where family and friends came together to celebrate artie’s special day.

artie loves to play with his toys, chew on rawhide and nap. his best friend is leo the boston terrier and his girlfriend louise sends him cards of affection.

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