diesel the chihuahua

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diesel the chihuahua sleeps

shhh ... little diesel is taking a nap. sweet dreams lil' guy.

“hello world, i am diesel the chihuahua. i live in fort mcmurray, alberta, canada with my mommy shama gagnon.”

little diesel is only 3 months old and a total sweetheart. he loves to be with his mommy and especially likes it when mommy gives him belly rubs. he loves car rides and makes for an ideal traveling companion.

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Comments 4

  1. colleen

    Jina, I have two boy chihuahuas for sale born today. If u are interested my phone number is 7807929790 and I live in fort mcmurray

  2. Katie

    Hola mi amigo!!! Not to worry Diesel you will see me soon and everything will be alright again!!! Oh and “hi” Shama. Haha

  3. Carmelle Gagnon

    Hello little Diesel my nephew.
    You are adorable, cannot wait to meet you!
    Lot’s of love to Shama and You 🙂
    P.s you are such a geek big sister for posting this.

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