elsa, the tiny chihuahua from england that squeaks instead of barks!

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squeak, squeak!

dear famous chihuahua®,

this is elsa, my 9 week old chihuahua puppy we rescued from an owner whose chihuahua had an accidental pregnancy. she and the litter were taken 10 hours away up north to be sold, but the owners changed their minds the next day and went back to get them. thank goodness they had or I wouldn’t have her now! when they got back however, the mother rejected them and they needed new owners as fast as possible, that’s where i stepped in!

elsa’s favorite food is chicken, but we save it for treats. at the moment she’s teething terribly and does enjoy a little nibble on your fingers, arms or face. she does have some chew toys, but she’s difficult and prefers to chase your hand.

the other day, we bought new mirrored wardrobes and fitted them while she played under the bed, she then ran out from under the bed right into the mirrors, took one look at her reflection and ran right back under, timidly stuck her head out from under the duvet and went and licked the mirror and squeaked at it (she has more of a squeak than a bark!) we couldn’t pry her away.

else is such a cutie and i’ve begun to train her, although she’s more interested in playing with the pom-poms on my shoes! i’m sure she will pick it up soon enough though!

thank you so much for your wonderful site, elsa and i love it dearly!

send your chihuahua pictures to famous chihuahua or post them to the famous chihuahua facebook fan page for everyone to see! remember cinco de mayo is right around the corner so if you have a picture of your chihuahua in a sombrero, send it to us!

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