fifi glamourous chihuahua

introducing the amazing fifi, a true rags-to-riches chihuahua rescue story!

hollywood chihuahua

“look mama, i’m famous!”

these fabulous pictures of fifi are from a recent hollywood paws photo shoot.  fifi is a highly sought out runway chihuahua fashion model that has been showcased in many charity-centered fashion shows.  her owner, lynne tonte, is proud to announce that fifi has made the top 12 for america’s top dog model 2018 competition.  fifi will also be featured as miss december for their 2020 calendar.

glamorous chihuahua fashion model

fifi’s life hasn’t always been glamour and glitz.  when fifi was first discovered, she was confiscated from a backyard breeder and taken to a kill shelter in pasco county, florida.  she was very thin, had little hair and suffered from an extreme case of demodicosis, (mites).  limbo chihuahuas, a chihuahua rescue in tampa bay, took fifi in and fostered her along with her father, mother and brother.

fifi was then adopted by lynne and her family, where today they work hard to bring attention to the beauty of rescuing chihuahuas.  as an ambassador for the prestigious chihuahua meet-up group in tampa bay, florida, fifi and lynne raise money by sharing fifi’s inspiring story.

recently, fifi celebrated her very own “royal wedding.”  her wedding to dapper the chihuahua was a charity event that raised over $15,000.00!  fifi also helps to raise money for pups with medical needs by donating her clothes to pups in need.

fifi is a lover, not a fighter.  she has 6 sibling chihuahuas and is definitely the diva of the group.  today she is 11 years old and is celebrating 7 amazing years with her family.  as a social butterfly, fifi loves to entertain friends and fans by twirling, twerking and dancing.

hollywood chihuahua

at the end of the day, fifi is extremely loyal to lynne and loves her companionship.  she gets super excited when she’s given yummy chicken for being such a good little girl and inspiration to others!

congratulations lynne, fifi is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®

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