short haired chihauhua

meet frankie, the chihuahua whose best buddy is a pitbull named karma!

chihuahua short haired

“look mama, i’m famous!”

this is franklin ‘aka’ frankie!  he is the baby boy and life love of jo jimerson-cessna in las vegas, nevada.  frankie just happens to be the most adorable dog on the block and it’s his cute ways that just happens to be what gets him whatever he wants!

pitbull and chihuahua

frankie enjoys being “on duty” as a the bodyguard for his best buddy, karma the pitbull.  the two of them make an adorable pair, don’t you think?

chihuahua in sombrero

frankie is getting ready to ‘pawty’ hard for his birthday like a the little mexican that he is wearing his sombrero.  on february 1rst, he will turn 2 years old!  be sure to wish him a happy yappy birthday on the famous chihuahua facebook page!

congratulations jo!  your little man franklin is now a famous chihuahua!  whoo hoo!

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