hercules the short haired chihuahua puppy

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hercules the short haired chihuahua puppy

dear famous chihuahua,

i am a short-haired chihuahua puppy from charlotte, north carolina and my name is hercules. i may not be huge, but inside this little 2 lb body is one tough guy! i am only 7 1/2 weeks old, but i pretty much know the ways of the world. the picture above is one of my best pictures, it’s me after going to get a coffee with my mommy chelsey.

since mommy adopted me, i have been on road trips while in my car seat and i’m almost potty trained. i only bark on occasion because i try to be polite and i absolutely love to play with kitten toys! sometimes i will sneak big-boy food from my brothers and i will also sneak outside to play, but mommy gets worried since i am so tiny.

i get along with everyone i meet, but its pretty tough when i’m this cute. every time i go somewhere, everyone wants to hold me and baby talk to me. i want to wear chihuahua clothes, but it’s tough to find clothing small enough to fit me!

puppy kisses,
hercules the short haired chihuahua puppy

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Comments 16

  1. Delfina

    This my baby ace he is 8 weeks in Tuesday .cute little thing working on his potty training he is also like Hercules with green eyes.

  2. Jim

    We have a Chocolae Chihuahua named “Benito” who is 14 weeks and now grown to 6 lbs. Your, then puppy, hercules, is his spitting image. How big did he get? i am still having lots of potty training issues.

  3. Tina

    Do the chocolate short haired Chihuahuas shed so much that you can see it on your clothing? I know that they do shed, but is it as noticeable with the dark haired dogs? Also are apple head Chihuahuas typically as nervous as other types of Chihuahuas? Any info anyone has would be appreciated. Thanks!

  4. Tricia

    Hi…My puppy Ike is now 3 months old, and looks very much like Hercules. His color is medium brown, and his chest is white. He also has white tips of three of his paws. His ears are also folded, but look pretty big. I’d love to see a recent photo of Hercules if you have one. Thank you. Tricia

  5. Britney

    Hi im britney im 12 years old and im looking for a chihuahua,my pup sadly died when i was 9. since i can handle taking care of small dogs i want one !! my mom is looking but can’t find one, i really love chihuahuas there my fav. animal.if you know a breeder in hamilton Ontairo, pls let me know !!!! btw hes sooooo cute!

  6. Dom

    I have a choc. chi named Peso that I thought could be a Chiweenie (Chi mix with Dachshund). However he looks like Hercules. Maybe Peso is full Chihuahua ! I will post a pic of him here.

  7. Cary Knight

    Awww… hes a cutie. i have a lovg hair apple head chiwahwah. im in the prosses of trying to find a female to breed with, but its not easy. yours is really cute too bad hes not a girl.. lol

  8. yamilet

    this little doggy is so CUTE i wish he waz chocolate for i can eat him up ialso have a chiwahwah.

  9. Chelsey

    OMG! My name is Chelsey too! And I have a chocolate chihuahua girl named Bella. He is adorable!!! myspace.com/chelsey_rae89

  10. Chelsey

    Hercules is excited that you think he is so precious. This picture was taken when he was only 6 wks old so he looks a little different now at 4 months old. He is still just as handsome but now his ears have stood up and his eyes are green. He is a normal apple head chihuahua. I haven’t seen many chocolate chihuahuas so he is pretty rare.

  11. Quinn

    This has to be my most favourite spot on chihuahua in the entire world! I want a chihuahua just like him but I dont know where and I live all of the way in kitchener in canada! I wish i could own him!

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