hershey tiny chihuahua

meet hershey, the tiny teacup-size chihuahua that fits in a wine glass!

tiny chihuahua in wine glass

“look daddy, i’m famous!”

meet hershey!  this tiny chihuahua was so small as a puppy, she fit in a wine glass!  today hershey is a mere 2.4 lbs and is the darling chihuahua of richard cross.  they live happily in seattle, washington, where little herhey is known for bathing people with her adorable little hershey kisses – people just love it! … and why wouldn’t they?  what a little cutie!

tiny chocolate chihuahua

“pick me up daddy!  I want to see the world from up there!”

chihuahua with cast

“i got a boo boo!  no more jumping off the couch!”

hershey loves to make friends, so be sure to like her on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HersheyKisses4u

congratulations richard, your sweet little chocolate chihuahua is now famous! some more great news, she is also in the running for our world’s cutest famous chihuahua contest!

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