meet jake, the cutest famous chihuahua to ever reside in new hampshire!

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white chihuahua

“look mama, i’m famous!”

unfortunately, jake is far removed from his mother while she is away at college, but he is acting very strong during the separation and is happiest when snuggling on the couch with the rest of his family.  his ears are unique in that they only ever stood up for a grand total of 4 days when he was a little puppy, but he’s never let that bother him!

jake’s a real superstar because of his perseverance.  for a few years, jake has been living with periodontal disease and a heart murmur.  most of his teeth have been removed to ease his pain, but despite these health hurdles, he continues to run, cuddle, play, and bark with much energy.  it’s fantastic to hear friends and strangers remark on his “extreme love of life”.

congratulations taylor and jake’s mommy, your little man is now officially a famous chihuahua!

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