juliette and mama

a mother’s undeniable and unconditional love for her two chihuahuas

chihuahua in hat

“don’t we look like adorable in our matching hats!”

meet little juliette and her mommy rebecca miller.  juliette is a year and half old short-haired chihuahua who loves attention!  she enjoys going shopping so she can sit in the cart and people everywhere will fuss over how darling she is.  rebecca worked her entire life and never had any children, but she thinks of juliette as her first “child” because she is just so precious to her.

lady with chihuahua

“hail caesar!”

juliette also has another sibling chihuahua named caesar who lives with rebecca’s ex-husband jeff.  when rebecca visits caesar this week, she’s going to spoil him with a custom dog t-shirt that she made at the famous chihuahua store!  we hope you like your shirt caesar!

congratulations rebecca and jeff, your sweetj uliette and caesar are now famous chihuahuas!

are you a proud chihuahua momma?  send us your chihuahua photo!


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