meet king, a famous chihuahua rescued and living happily in brooklyn, new york!

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“look mommy, i’m famous!”

here is king’s rescue story as told by his new mommy, natasha clarke from brooklyn, new york:

“we found king about 2 months ago on the street.  no tags, just a blue collar.  we took him to the vet and was told he was safe to bring home and that he had no chip to locate his owner.  after examining him thoroughly, the vet did confirm that the previous owner did not properly care for him and that was when we decided to name him king.

king is a welcomed addition to my family.  my 16 year old daughter just adores king and he adores her.  i didn’t know much about chihuahuas before king, but i’ve read that they love the sun.  a lot of sun comes through my living room windows and this is the picture i took of him basking in the sunlight on his first full day in our house.”

congratulations natasha!  king is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®

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