this lil’ bitty chihuahua may be tiny, but he’s got a whole lotta lovin’

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meet lilbit the chihuahua!

meet lilbit the chihuahua!

when this precious lil’ bit of lovin’ was born, the vet didn’t think he would live, but his mommy gloria blake from hawesville, kentucky believed that he would! she carried him with her everywhere like a baby. we are happy to report that lilbit is now a very healthy 15 months old and weights a whopping 1 lb, 12 ounces! … “whoo hoo!”

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  1. barbara

    I have a tiny 2 lb. 12 oz. little girl chi and you can find some tiny clothes at Petsmart. I got two sweaters that were size xs and they were too small so I’m sure small would work for you. You could also try ferret clothes!

  2. Post
  3. Michelle

    Hey I saw about the chihahua only weighing that is tiny and I thought my guy chihuahua I have weighs only 3lbs 5oz.. I can’t ever find clothes to fit him anyone know where I can find any for him???

  4. katheryn

    Awww soo happy to hear these good news!!! And to know that you made it against the odds…love makes miracles..and obviously your mommy loved you alot lilbit!! and You look just like my lil tia..shes also a white chihuahua..interested in a girfriend lilbit? lol…best of luck to you.. =)

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