mike tyson chihuahua
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lola the new jersey chiwawa! …”yew will nevah fuh-get dis top dawg!”

i'm fabulicious!

… “yo ma, ..what-sup witch yew? ..where jew go? let’s watch tv. nuff said!”

meet lola! this nine year old little enchilada belongs to lisa pero from new jersey, pronounced “jur-zee” not “joisey!” lola’s favorite spot is on the couch relaxing next to mommy and once in  a while she let’s loose and gets a little “fur”ocious! ..nah, actually she’s a very sweet little chiwawa, don’t let the mike tyson tattoo fool you ..she would never bite someone’s ear off! 😉

mike tyson chihuahua

congratulations lisa, your lil’ gal is now a “fabulicious” famous chihuahua!

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