meet lolita, a beautiful blue chihuahua puppy from fabulous las vegas!

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blue chihuahua puppy

“look mama, i’m famous!”

lolita is a 7 month old beautiful blue chihuahua puppy that was flown from russia to be with her new mommy laura schrank in fabulous las vegas!  her adorable face, gorgeous blue coat, white markings, her loving personality and bright green eyes make her a candidate for super stardom!

congratulations laura, today your sweet lolita became a famous chihuahua!

are you a proud chihuahua momma?  submit your chihuahua photo!

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Comments 4

  1. Jennifer Clark

    Hi I’m looking for a female just like lolita and we’re could I go to see one and how much is the cost, does it come with a package

  2. lucia bennardo

    I love lulu is she for sale,We are looking for a tiny one like lulu,please let me know ,we want a short haired little girl that will be about 3 lbs, thank you, Lucia

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