chihuahua fairy princess

louis the bed hog chihuahua

louis the bed hog chihuahua
louis the chihuahua snoozin’ – what a bed hog!

“hello world, i am louis the chihuahua! i am almost two years old and i live happily with my mommy rose in paris, france.”

little louis is a total bed hog! every night he refuses to go to his own doggy bed and nestles himself in mommies bed in between the sheets with his little head on the middle of the pillow. he thinks he’s human! wonder if he’s a snoring chihuahua too?

louis the chihuahua as a fairy princess
louis the chihuahua dressed as a fairy princess for halloween!

louis the chihuahua and his mommy wish you all a very happy “howl”-o-ween!

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