meet lucy, the adorable tan chihuahua puppy from kelowna, b.c., canada!

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short haired tan chihuahua puppy

“look mama, i’m famous!”

here is lucy’s story as told by her mommy, julie clitheroe from kelowna, british columbia.

as a child, i grew up with dogs, but it wasn’t until i got a dog of my very own – my very adorable lucy – did i fully understood the unconditional love a dog can give.  lucy makes me smile, laugh and want to snuggle with her all the time.  she is only 10 months old, but has developed her own fun, playful personality that draws a ton of attention to us wherever we go!

chihuahua puppy under sheets

lucy can be full of energy one minute and then all snugly the next.  she started playing fetch with her stuffy toys the first day i brought her home and she loves to be outside.

she is a very smart little girl and learned how to sit and stay at a very young age.  she also knows the difference between “watch the house” and “do you want to go for a car ride” to which she runs down the hall to the door.  I can drop a morsel of food on the floor and she will waits for me to tell her she can have it, so i never have to worry that she will eat something she shouldn’t.

short haired chihuahua puppy

my sweet little lucy is always attentive, always loving, always licking, digging and hiding her biscuits …. I simply love and adore her to pieces!

congratulations julie!  lucy is a famous chihuahua!

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