maya tequila chihuahua

meet maya, an adorable chihuahua that loves to give kisses and cuddle!

drunk chihuahua

“look mama, i’m famous!”

maya is a 2 year old short haired chihuahua that will soon be celebrating her 3rd birthday in april.  she is a special little girl because her heart is full of love and the bond she has with her mommy and daddy is truly amazing.  she is constantly giving them kisses and thoroughly enjoys cuddling with them.  maya also listens as though she were having a conversation and it’s clear to her mommy that she really does understands everything!

chihuahua sun bathing

“sun bathing is da bomb!”

maya loves the warm weather, sand from the beach in her toes, sun bathing and vacationing in florida.  in the winter, maya waits for the morning sun to rise and always picks the spot on the couch that has the most sun to lay down at.  one of maya’s favorite treats is vanilla ice cream.  if you say the words, she drops everything and surrenders her full attention.

chihuahua dressed as mermaid

“i’m ariel, the little chihuahua mermaid!”

maya has several cute nicknames, but “monkey” is daddy’s special nickname for her.  she suits it because of her charming, charismatic and extremely magnetic personality.  think maya is adorable?  then follow her on facebook at chihuahua princess maya margarita sedita

congratulations jennifer sedita, your little monkey maya is now a famous chihuahua!

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