mia chloe famous chihuahuas

mia, the famous blue merle chihuahua from alberta, canada has a new baby sister!

merle chihuahua and applehead chihuahua

“look mama, we’re both famous!”

mia is a famous blue merle chihuahua, that recently became a big sister to chloe jade the famous chihuahua!  because mia was so used to being a heart melter and the only chi-baby in her mommy’s life, sharing the spotlight was a big adjustment for her, but now the two chihuahuas have warmed up to each other and are both mommies little sweethearts.

mia spent the summer going for walks and on camping trips with mommy and grandma!  she also accompanied her mommy to dj an outdoor wedding reception, where she became the highlight of the evening with her sparkling personality!  follow mia and chloe on instagram at shonna mia and chloe

congratulations shonna, your chi-babies are officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahuas®

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