mia, tia and mighty bunny! 3 chihuahuas from new south wales australia!

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black teacup chihuahua

“look mama, i’m famous!”

this adorable little furbaby is mia.  isn’t she beautiful?  mia is turning 3 in august and was adopted and given to her new mommy debbie as mother’s day present.  mia’s previous owner didn’t give her the love and affection she now gets from her new family.

mia has a warm bed to sleep in, is fed a healthy diet with lots of yummy chicken and has a fabulous wardrobe full of cute chihuahua clothes.  she loves to play with all her new toys and getting lots of hugs and kisses.  once alone, scared and unloved, little mia is now has lots of love and is very special to debbie and her new family!

chihuahua wearing dog hoodie

“look mama, i’m famous!”

this is tia!  she is mia’s adopted sister and will be 8 years old this october.  tia was rescued from an australian puppy mill and is mommy’s best friend.  debbie got her for christmas when she was a young girl and tia was only 6 weeks old.

tia loves to wear dog hoodies and snuggle up in her pet bed where she’s cozy and warm.  her bed is heated because she is so tiny and she has many toys to play with.  her favorite food is chicken and she always barks to let mama know when someone is at the house.

teacup chihuahua in boot

“look papa, i’m famous!”

this little guy’s name is mighty bunny because his papa is a huge fan of the popular australian rugby team, the rabbittohs!  at only 8 weeks old, mighty bunny is new to debbie’s family and is daddy’s little man.  debbie got him for her husband because she has a huge heart and really wanted him to go to a nice home.

mighty bunny is the apple of daddy’s eye and goes everywhere with him.  he has lots of dog toys and even gets to sleep in bed with mum and dad.  debbie is even knitting mighty bunny his very own rabbittohs jumper so he can wear it proudly for daddy!

mia, tia, mighty bunny and their family live happily in wauchope, new south wales australia.

congratulations debbie! mia, tia and mighty bunny are now famous chihuahuas!

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