mimi the mischievous chihuahua

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mimi the mischievous chihuahua

“hello world, i am mimi the chihuahua puppy! … got toilet paper?”

little mimi is 8 months old and lives in southern california with her mommy who works as an intuitive consultant. her mommy tells us that mimi is very lovable and devoted to her, so much that she never wants to leave her side!

little mimi can be mischievous at times. it’s difficult to get upset with her because she has such an innocent look when she tries to hide something she did … like getting into mommies newly bought toilet paper rolls!

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  1. Minx

    I got a paper tearing lil monster also ! Since she tore up a store reciept, I try to keep paper, tissue, and especially reciepts away from her 😉

    Super cute pup you have !

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