upside down chihuahua? …chill out with the montecrisco cool!

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how's it hanging?

“…how’s it hanging?” … introducing montecristo the chihuahua!

montecrisco is a 9 month old long hair chihuahua that loves dog agility training and rally-obedience training. he has managed to prove everyone wrong! at only 2.7 pounds, he beat a shepard dog on the agility course! montecristco is a big fan of chilly knitted dog sweaters, but the one thing he loves best is travel… plane, car, sail boat or train! that and … sleeping… of course.

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  1. Sonja

    Thanks for featuring our little man! We love montecristo so much … he’s such a wonderful natured little boy. (fyi spelling error in the title – it’s montecristo – as int he count of montecristo by Alexandre dumas – and the cigar!)

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