little moomoo the chihuahua

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moomoo the chihuahua

moomoo the chihuahua poses for the camera

hello world, i’m moomoo the chihuahua! i’m a year and a half old and i live just north of seattle, washington with my mommy kelly nicole and daddy justin aaron.

little moomoo likes to watch tv with the family and always twists her head sideways while trying to understand sounds and noises. if she even sees a black dog, she will start to whimper and snort at the tv.

little moomoo loves to go to grandma and grandpa’s house. she knows when mommy picks up her car keys, that they are getting ready to leave the house. mommy asks her, “do you wanna go to grandma and grandpa’s house moomoo?” and she gets all excited and runs to the door.

moomoo’s mommy says she is often asked what kind of dog little moomoo is. people are always surprised when she tells them that she is a chihuahua. they say she looks unique and is adorable. moomoo’s mommy never thought that she would own a chihuahua, but when she first saw little moomoo, she just had to have her.

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Comments 2

  1. Maureen

    What a beautiful little girl. I just love my little guy and now I know why Chihuahua’s are so very special. They are truly unlike any other dog I have ever had!

  2. Kelly Nicole, Justin Aaron

    WHAT A CUTE CHIHUAHUA!!! Oh wait, that’s because she’s OUR little girl!!! Love you Princess!

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