nacho famous chihuahua

meet nacho, the über cute chihuahua puppy from haugesund, norway!

tan short haired chihuahua puppy

“look mama, i’m famous!”

this is nacho!  he is only 3 months old, but his uber cuteness is fast turning him into a chihuahua super star!  nacho’s awesome personality along with his sweet, fun, and fearless demeanor makes him very lovable! born in haugesund, norway, (the land where the vikings conquered many places), nacho is on his own conquest conquering the world with his cuteness!

nacho now lives happily with his mommy valentina bjerke in sandnessjoen, norway, where he is on a mission to provide his mommy with 24 hour puppy protection meaning he’s on a mission to make sure his mommy gets 24 hr home security surveillance!

congratulations valentina, your sweet little nacho is now a famous chihuahua and is in the running for our world’s cutest famous chihuahua contest!

does your chihuahua deserve to be famous?  click here to submit their picture!


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