..meet nina, the long-haired chihuahua that loves starbucks frappacinos!

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i gotta have my starbucks frappacino mommy!

dear famous chihuahua®,

this is my 6 year old long-hair chihuahua nina. we rescued her from an older couple in katy, texas who were getting too old to take care of her. we saw her and instantly fell in love.

one of nina’s favorite snacks, is the whipped cream on top of my frappucino from starbucks. i say starbucks and she jumps and digs to get in my purse or to get out and goes straight to my car. the ladies at starbucks know her very well and always comment on how adorable she is. they add extra whip cream to my frappucino just for her!

what’s even more adorable is that she knows to sit in the passenger seat that is right by the cup holder where i place my frappiucino and it’s also directly underneath the sunroof!

one of my favorite things she does is let us know when there’s any furry critters in our home that don’t belong there. last year we had a possum who made a little home in our attic and every time he was up she would let us know his where he was! she started digging under our stove and we thought she was just trying to reach some food that dropped, but no… the wall behind the stove leads to our attic and the possum was coming up underneath it and getting food. we placed a trap behind the wall and when we finally caught him, she went nuts!

nina loves to travel. last summer we went to Orlando Florida and she knew we were leaving so she tried to pack herself in my suitcase! nina is so smart that she can tell me where my 4 year old daughter hides at all times. when i ask “where’s faith?” she takes off to my daughters hiding spots and always finds her. she also lets us know when her water bowl is low so we can give her more.

we love our little nina so much because she is so loving and unique. she is also good with my children. i have other chihuahuas at home, but none of their personalities are like hers. they are all very different and were all chihuahuas rescues from craigslist.

thank you for making my chihuahua famous! we love your site!


erica girdley
from sugar land, texas, a small city outside of houston n the united states

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Comments 10

  1. chihuahua lover

    we love chihuahuas so much but this one is so cute I love her hair and boy is she smart or what and thanks for the video and for a great story

  2. tommysbobbi

    OMG! Our Meha loves Starbucks too! They know her at the drive through at our local Bucks!!!

  3. Randy Mendoza

    I know nina very well and she is one of the most likeable pets to have.Nina is smart and very friendly and she knows what she likes.Nina is a very beautiful pet and to have and i would have one just like her.

  4. Becky

    I had the honor of giving ninas granddaughter a home this past weekend……what an amazing breed…..nina is absolutely beautiful!! Erica, thank you for sharing your chi family with us but most of all thank you nina for giving us bella….

  5. Janie Schneider

    Nina is definitely adorable. She looks so cute in her pink outfit. Dogs are smart! For her to recogognize
    “Starbucks” and is ready to go get her treat is too Cute.

  6. JOhn Aljaz

    haha, That is my wife’s dog, She really is a sweet dog, great with the kids, and so funny!

    Great Looking Site By the way!


    sHE IS TOO adorable!! i love her pretty sweet face,she looks like shes smiling:)))
    She should win, she sounds a real hero!!!

  8. Dina McKibben

    Nina is just adorable!! She looks very much like my little long coat Chi. “Tilly”.. and we also enjoy Starbuck’s I love chihuahuas….they are smart and cute, loving and comical:):)

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