oreo famous chihuahua

meet oreo, a sweet and adventurous long haired chihuahua from the philippines!

long haired chihuahua oreo

“look mama, i’m famous!”

oreo is a sweet and quiet, long haired chihuahua who loves to go everywhere with his mommy, francis soriano.  together they live in the philippines, where they like to escape the city from time to time and go on adventures.  oreo is never more than 10 feet away from mommy and is very prompt with his meal times.  if dinner is a mere minute late, he will make cute little ‘feed me’ pouts.  oreo invites you to follow his daily adventures on instagram at a_chihuahua_named_oreo!  “enjoy!”

congratulations francis, oreo is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®