ozzy tequila famouschihuahuas

meet ozzy and tequila, two chihuahuas famous in sylvan lake, alberta, canada!

long haired chihuahuas!

“look daddy, we’re famous!”

this is ozzy (white/black patches) and his sister tequila, who is a famous chihuahua.  ozzy and tequila aren’t related, but you would never know it!  they treat each other like  siblings, sometimes playing, sometimes teasing, and sometimes getting on each others nerves!

ozzy and tequila run, play and ruff house all over, but should one of them want to rest and the other doesn’t, watch out!  it doesn’t last long before the restless one has hurt feelings from being ignored and then won’t let the other sleep and then the chaos begins… grrrr!

congratulations ross, ozzy is also officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®

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