pablo picasso the chihuahua

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pablo picasso the chihuahua

“hello world, i am pablo picasso the chihuahua! i am the chi-baby of finland’s very own diva fashionista nita-karoliina.”

nita-karoliina tells us that pablo is her sweet little ‘baby boy, her child’ and that he absolutely loves to be the center of attention. she says that even though little pablo is 4-years old, he still plays like he was a chihuahua puppy.

pablo the chihuahua gets a belly rub from mommy

little pablo gets a belly rub from mommy ... so spoiled!

nita also tells us that pablo’s favorite plaything is his doggie crocodile toy. he simply won’t go to sleep without it! little pablo also has a sock fetish and he only likes good or new socks!

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