introducing paco the chihuahua! ..he is just so cute, bless his little heart!

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i'm famous!

“look mama, i’m famous!”

paco is 6 year old rescued teeny weeny apple head chihuahua who’s as brave as a pit bull! his favorite food is liver, but he will eat just about anything! paco lives happily in stratford, ontario with his mama, mary helm and his best buddy sensei, a blind 11 year old shih tzu. the two look out for each other in a very special way and have a very rare bond that will put a smile on anyone’s face. since he only weighs a mere 3 lbs, he was able to comfortably pose on this large leaf for this beautiful picture. isn’t he just cute overload?

congratulations mary, your little man paco is a famous chihuahua!

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