famous chihuahua peanut

meet peanut! life’s never dull with this little applehead chihuahua puppy!

applehead chihuahua

“look mama, i’m famous!”

peanut was born on january 12, 2013 and is the 9 month old apple head chihuahua puppy of susan hall from woodbury, minnesota.  when susan first brought peanut home, she only weighed a mere pound and she immediately became mommy’s little girl.  today peanut weighs a healthy 4 lbs and never leaves susan’s side.

susan just adores peanut and is grateful that she came into her life, especially after her beloved lovebird lola passed away.  when peanut gets excited, she slicks her ears back (it’s the cutest thing) and she never bites!  peanut’s bubbly personality always draws a crowd and life is never dull with peanut in the picture.

apple head chihuahua

peanut loves her baby duck toy and will play tug a war all day.  she enjoys ‘mommy and me’ days, snuggling by the fireplace on a cold day and basking in the sun with mama on hot days.  when peanut gets chilly, she likes to hide in mama’s shirt.  fall is her favorite season as it brings out the color in her fur coat and her eyes can change from blue to brown.

apple head chihuahua puppy

peanut is loved by susan’s entire family: her grandma, daddy (susan’s brother), godmother (miss molly, lola’s sister, grandma’s love bird) and her boyfriend taco (the neighbor’s chihuahua)!

congratulations susan, your sweet little peanut is now a famous chihuahua!

is your chihuahua famous in your eyes?  click here to submit their picture!

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