peanut chihuahua

prayers for baby peanut, a blue and white chihuahua puppy with anemia

hello world, i'm peanut the chihuahua! pray for me!

dear famous chihuahua®,

meet peanut, my 7 month old chihuahua puppy! she only weighs 1,1kg and has been sick most of her life because the breeders i got her from did not vaccinate her. she has also been diagnosed with anemia, where her body is not making enough healthy red blood cells and we are not sure she is going to make it.

peanut is very sociable, well behaved, playful, cuddly, has a sweet tooth and loves going for walks in the dolomite mountains. we joke that she has two personalities: the pea and the nut as she gets very playful and energetic at nighttime.

i am asking everyone who reads this to please cross your fingers for our little pea. we pray that she makes it through these rough times.

thank you for your wonderful website,

camilla murray


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