peaunt the chihuahua

please help chihuahua run over by car!

injured chihuahua

this is peaunt the chihuahua.  on jan 21st she was ran over by a car in front of her home.  her skull was cracked right down the middle.  she has brain swelling and head trauma and is losing her eyesight.  she has already lost one eye and her other eye is getting a cyst.

it’s hard for her to eat and drink, but there is hope.  her mommy lynn is caring for her the best she can.  she can’t afford to leave peaunt at the vet, so she takes her back and forth each day to save costs.  peaunt is fighting for her life because she can come back from this with the right care.

please help peaunt by donating at her go fund me page or please just share this.  if you would like to personally call the vet and place a donation by phone, direct your call to dr. dixon at 434 845-1242 (diamond hill animal hospital at 1400 main street, lynchburg,va.)

is your chihuahua getting the right care?