ricky the feisty chihuahua

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mommy, you're not going anywhere without me!

my name is ricky the chihuahua and i am a year and a half old. i live with my mommy in renton, wa. her name is maureen mceliece. i love to snuggle in bed and if I could stay in bed all day i would. i also love going for walks and when my mom gets out of bed i just jump in bed with my nana. my picture on your website will really make my momma proud.

in this picture, ricky’s mommy was trying to pack to go to colorado and every time she put something in it he would jump in and un pack it all. little ricky knew she was going somewhere without him, so he had to let her know he was a little peeved.

does your chihuahua do this? let us know!

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  1. Kari

    OMG! Lil Ricky! Chiquita’s other boyfriend is a famous chihuahua now too. Yeah! Chiquita misses you Ricky. Love you!

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