rocky famous chihuahua

meet rocky, an adorable chihuahua with a very special “cherry eye!”

apple head chihuahua cherry eye

“look mama, i’m famous!”

rocky is a 7 year old purebred akc apple head chihuahua born on april 8th, 2010.  he is the most wonderful thing to ever happen to his mommy, valentina illiuk, from philadelphia, pennsylvania and she loves him to the moon and back!

rocky has a “cherry eye”, that’s when a tear gland pops up and out, also known as the third eyelid.  this can be a common occurrence in small dog breeds with bulging eyes like chihuahuas.  surgery was an option to remove the enlarged tear gland, but this is usually done for esthetic and cosmetic reasons.

because rocky’s doctor said his eye doesn’t bother him and that it works well and proceeds tears, valentina opted to pass on the putting him through the stress of surgery (the discomfort and risk from going under anesthesia), as it just wasn’t worth it.  rocky’s well being is most important and his unique eye makes him even more special!

rocky loves to cuddle, play hide and seek and he adores his squeaky yellow duck toy he carries with him everywhere.  he has other dog toys, but his duck was the first toy his mom ever bought for him while preparing for his arrival.  to this day, it’s always been his favorite, even though it’s been fixed and washed a gazillion times!

being small doesn’t hold rocky back as he is a brave little boy and always ready to protect his mom!  he enjoys car rides, loves his brother cat mishka, his sister cat knopa and adores his only love, bella the famous chihuahua!  visit rocky’s facebook page for more fabulous pictures and videos at bella, rocky, knopa and mishka!

congratulations valentina, rocky is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®

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